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Why Us

MSMPL, Mumbai provide its Esteemed Ship-owners with all type of Crewing Solutions. ISO 9001, MLC, FLAG Compliant.

Our seafarers meet the very highest technical and operational standards. All personnel fully comply with STCW ‘95 requirements and always have the necessary experience relevant to the type of tonnage to which they are appointed. Our recruitment process is dedicated to providing crews with maximum expertise and self-sustainable capability.
    MSMPL maintains an extensive database of marine crew seeking careers at sea in the Merchant Navy. Our database of marine candidates covers the skills sought aboard all types of merchant navy vessels including tankers, cruise ships, ferries, cargo ships, yachts and container ships, in addition to specialist vessels and offshore installations. This means we can often fulfil your requirements quickly and economically without the need to advertise externally.
  Our view seafarer database includes Masters, Deck Officers, Engineering Officers, Deck and Engine Ratings and all hotel crew as well as specialist personnel such as DPOs, Marine Supervisors, Marine/Engine Control Room Operators and Tanker Masters –We can also recruit mariners with transferrable skills for work in the oil and gas industry. MSMPL, Mumbai provides its Ship Owner with Qualified and Skilled Indian Hotel and Deck and Engine staff for Cruise Ships, source them and place them for interview to Principals for selecting and placing onboard their ships, arranging marine training and travel. Safety, Integrity and Quality always represents our core values in business activities. This has led to create a reputation of providing high quality, versatility, and safety in all spheres of operations.
Rather than expending time and money advertising job vacancies yourself, let our team of expert recruiters assist you. In addition to our extensive database, our recruitment teams are well-networked across the industry. We have a number of tools at our disposal to help market your vacancies effectively:
• Widely marketed website
• Targeted email campaigns
• Social media blasts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
• External advertising (online / industry publications)
• Candidate referrals
  We are proud to support Cadet Training Program developing our future officers in all onboard disciplines- Deck, Engineering and ETO. A diverse fleet enables cadets to gain sea experience of cross sector on different types of vessels. Our strategy is to encourage the graduates to pursue a long term career growth within our Company.
  MSMPL promotes the right values and attitudes towards work by means of Standards of Cultural Management Skills and Values Formation as well as through Shipowner specific briefings for safety and proper decorum in the corresponding working media.
  MSMPL conducts the required briefing to crewmembers concerning the types of vessels they are to embark, their functional duties, responsibilities and background of the Company.
There is also a company code to avoid sea accidents, proper decorum and protocol expected from them as competent seamen. It emphasizes the obligation, dedication and loyalty to the vessel and its owner, superiors, cargo, passengers and crewmembers.
    At Malawat Ship Management Pvt Limited, we pride ourselves on a hands-on, personalized approach towards floating staff and their families. This, in return, generates loyalty and commitment, a major advantage in the current environment of manning shortages.
Resourcing from an exclusive pool of Seafarerss our overall objective is to provide stability and continuity of personnel, bringing significant benefits to the performance of a prospective client?s fleet.
MSMPL and specialize in niche areas, by retaining the personal approach to customers and providing tailor made solutions to their crewing requirement. MSMPL, has competent and professional staff with a well-equipped and spacious office in Mumbai India.
The candidates are sourced by two methods - new recruitments and from the current pool of seafarers. We have more than 5000 personnel in our roster and data base.
  One of the major factors influencing seafarer’s psychology while on board is their families at home. We are always ready to provide our crew members families with any assistance to ensure productive and effective work on board.
  Upon receiving notification about the next employment contract, we inform and assist seafarers with their documents, i.e. renewal/extension.
  MSMPL creates a pool with same seafarers to return on board vessels upon request. Crew is kept updated on retention program regarding proper recruitment and appropriate transportation.
  MSMPL takes the responsibility to control the processes as well as all the Services offered.
The Services are provided keeping in mind the Regulatory requirements of the basic STCW 2010 and MLC 2006 as and where applicable.
It shall also be the responsibility of MSMPL to implement corrective actions to achieve desired outputs of the Process and fulfilling the goals set by the organization.
Training to Seafarers/Floating staff is identified as an outsourced as well as internal process. The Trainings concerning the STCW 2010 requirements will be considered as outsourced process and value added courses as an internal Company process.
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